Friday, 5 July 2019

Police release Senator Elisha Abbo

The Senator from Adamawa North Senatorial District, Elisha Ishaqu Abbo, who was gotten on camera attacking a nursing mother at a s3x toy shop in Abuja, has been discharged on bail by the Abuja(FCT) Police Command.

He was discharged Friday morning.

Senator Abbo, who had prior offered an expression of regret to Nigerians and his victim, Bibra, over the occurrence, had submitted himself to the Police for interrogation on Thursday.

It was reported that the through Senator was not simply granted bail in the wake of addressing inquiries posed by Police, yet was told to go because of the way that the woman he physically ambushed was not around to affirm and give her own side of the story.

A police source said the victim made a trip out of Abuja to go to an internment service of a close family member.

The Police are relied upon to continue their probe when the woman returns.

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