Saturday, 16 March 2019

You are a swine who tasted a bit of his own poison – Writer Tope Delano blasts Twitter user

Nigerian writer Tope Delano has slammed a Twitter user who slammed a girl who refused to wash the dirty pots in his home and instead cooked with a kettle.

A Twitter user had taken to the platform to complain about a girl who came to his house to sleep over and had ended up using a kettle to cook for him due to his kitchen utensils being dirty.

Not long after his tweet went viral, the same man took to his Twitter to reveal how an employer offered him a N70,000 job having found out he is a Masters degree holder who drives a cab.

According to him, he turned it down saying despite being a cab driver, he earns N200k a month and thus can not take the job.

Writer Tope Delano, reacting to this latest tweet called him out.

Read the exchange below;

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