Friday, 15 March 2019

Twitter user shames his date for cooking rice in a kettle, gets dragged

A Twitter user had the tables turned after he tried to shame a lady who spent the night at his place .

According to him, there are no more wife materials in this generation because his date cooked rice in a kettle instead of washing his dirty pots to cook.

The guy who goes by That Uber Guy on Twitter wrote:

No wife material out there anymore. A girl spent the night at my place and I asked her to cook rice. She cooked it in my kettle because she didn’t want to spoil her nails when washing the dirty pots. This generation is in trouble 😭

Well, if he expected people to be on his side, he was totally wrong as he was dragged even by men.

They first wondered why his kettle was so old and why the gas stove was so filthy .

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