Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Thai lady calls out Nigerian boyfriend for beating her up in Malaysia

A Thai lady identified as Pattara Bumrungsak shared pictures of the injuries he inflicted on her in request for an apology from him.

Taking to Facebook, the Thai lady wrote:

“He is good at talking and lying anything he say to cover up himself because it is what he’s always done in life! I will never make a report or put him in trouble with the police, but i only want an apology from him! I do love this man but after all this i better stop. And one thing I hate the most is why his brother supports and protects him after all of this! They blamed me for tarnishing the house name because I got beaten by his brother again! Like seriously!!!! if he cared about their safety, he wouldn’t beat me outside of the house like that. All of our neighbors saw what he did to me and are witnesses. Thank you for my neighbors that help me out last night. GOD BLESS YOU.”

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