Monday, 18 March 2019

Simi drags pastor over his sermon on women and sex

A Nigerian media mogul Sharon Ojong, has taken to her social media page to narrate on how a potential rapist almost killed her after spiking her drinks at at party in Lagos.

According to the media personality, she has not been herself in the past 2 days as the drug is still having effect on her system, although she is yet to reveal the identity of the alleged culprit pending further investigation into the matter.

She wrote:

I’m so grateful to God for being with me as well as having a proactive friend who was with me and got me out of there ASAP.

Although I’ve spoken to medical professionals and taken what I needed to get the acid and ingredients out of my system, the past 48hrs have been long and restless with the drug in my system. I feel extremely disparaged.

Singer , Simi went head to head with a pastor, Kingsley Okonkwo over his sermon on sex.

She was infuriated by the fact that he appeared to justify why men cheat or have several sexual partners , while putting the blame on women for promiscuity .

According to him , women have been placed with the responsibility to deny men sex until they commit by marrying them.

He said men were created by God to be emotionally weak and also given a lot of sexual passion .

He said while women were created to know what they want from young ages, men just want to play .While women want commitment , men just want sex.

He further stated that women are sabotaging themselves by giving sex out to men who haven’t married them .Adding that the reason why there are so many single people today is because many men are sexually satisfied .

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