Friday, 29 March 2019

Save me from my in-laws, widower cries out

A 44-year-old man, Umweni Ambrose, whose wife Edugie bled to death after undergoing caesarean section, has asked the Edo State Police Command to save him from his in-laws.

According to Ambrose, who is yet to recover from his wife’s death six years after, “my ordeal started shortly after my wife and I decided to legalise our union. We met with her people at their family house in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo state, Nigeria and told them about our plans to get married.

“Unfortunately, our decision to get married was not welcomed by my in-laws; they vehemently kicked against it and did all within their powers to frustrate our plan. After doing all we could to make them change their mind, we decided to go ahead without their blessings as my wife, Edugie Umweni, had become pregnant.

“We opted for marriage in the registry. This made my in-laws very angry and they threatened that if anything happened to their daughter, I would regret my life. I believed with time they will come around, so, I didn’t take their threats seriously.

“However, things went from bad to worse as my wife had complications during pregnancy and was bleeding. Medical test revealed that she had problem in her placenta and doctors advised that she would need to undergo operation to save her and the baby.

“At eight months and two weeks, we opted for caesarean operation at Urhonigbe General Hospital. Unfortunately that was the last time I saw my wife alive as she didn’t make it out of the theatre.

“Doctors at the hospital said the operation was successful but she died of severe bleeding and my little girl didn’t make it too. I was devastated; initially I thought I was going to die.

“Hell broke loose when she passed on. Her family blamed me for her death. They said my family and I were cursed.

“They attacked me not considering the fact that I had just lost my wife. They burnt my house and rendered me homeless. I had to keep squatting from a friend’s house to another. My life became a nightmare. Till date, I haven’t recovered from my wife’s untimely demise.”

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