Wednesday, 5 June 2019


'You don't get '
'Then make me understand '
'I don't want to talk about it!'I didn't know when I yelled, but i just wanted him to feel the amount of the pain i was going through, to know how hard it is.
He paused.
'No. Don't say it.. You shouldn't apologize for anything, I'm the one who is wrong here. I think its better we talk some other time. Goodnight. '
'No... Wait.'  Beep. I heard the line go off.
He ended the call, Evvie when will you ever get it right. When will you learn to speak up instead of bottling everything in. I hit my head with the phone. Getting up from the bed i sluggishly walked to my reading table. I picked up my pen and opened my jotter. At the moment my head was blank, I didn't know what to write but I knew i needed to jot this down for someone to see. Since writing is more easier.
Prayed General Samuel Daniels my Dad won't be the first to see this, prayed Max wouldn't be in any danger, as i wrote those last words, words that turned to sentence, to a full page. Someone somewhere was writing this same words because i couldn't talk, i couldn't explain why we had to end it, cause i didn't want to listen, we weren't patient enough. Something blotted my writing, I cleaned my face before another tear could fall .
I closed my jotter, closing my mouth to cover the screams, I jumped on my bed and buried my head in the pillow. Mom mustn't here me scream, the tears were falling so hard.
'Evvie.. '
That's the maid
'Evvie, can i come in. I need to clean the room'
I quickly cleaned my face. Clearing my throat
'Give me a minute.'
'Okay, I'll be back. I heard her footsteps going down the stairs.'
I rushed to the bathroom.
Where the hell did she keep it. There at the back of the door was the white container. I remembered Mom saying it wasn't advisable to stay in a room that has been sprayed with sniper. I closed my eyes and opened it. My hands shaking as the same as the other person. I drank it. Closing the container, i dropped it back where i saw it so they wouldn't notice anything.
Thud. I fell, clutching my stomach.
Gosh!  This is not what i envisioned.
'Ahhhhh!'  I groaned
'Evvie, are you done now? Can i come in? '
I pushed myself up and used my back to close the bathroom door
'Evvie!.. '
This time the groan was loud.
'What was that noise?'
'Evvie, Evvie!.'  Heard her opening my room door.
'Evvie, where are you?'
'Are you in there? Is something wrong?' She knocked on the door. I wished her away, but i groaned instead
The banging started.
'Evvie! Evvie!. Come on,open the door'
I don't know which one hurt more, the banging on the door or these cramps. I heard Mom and Dad rushing up the stairs, as the maid struggled to open the door. Sure they would have heard the banging, nosy maid. She finally succeeded and came in screaming. Mom and Dad came into the bathroom too. My visions became blur. Mom was saying something but I couldn't hear her. Dad carried my already lifeless body screaming for the maid to get his keys.
It's hurt! I know i screamed but nothing came out. I pressed my stomach. No.. This is not what i imagined. My eyes were closing.
Nooo..  I held my throat.. Hot... So hot.
'Open the door! Where is the driver? ' That was Mom
'God.'.. I whispered.
'Evvie.. Evvie!  What did you say'... If I don't close my eyes, i feel this pain won't go away, my head, chest, stomach. Every part of my body was screaming
'Evvie!!'..... That was the last thing I heard.

'Dad, you don't have to do this'  I muttered, from the hospital bed. Prayed Max won't get into trouble. Dad had read the letter and i can't think of what he would do to him. He stared at me like if he had the opportunity to shut me up he would do it.
'Am i speaking to Max family?'
The voice hesitated
'Hello.. '
'Yes.. Who is this? '
'This is General Samuel Daniels and i need to speak with Max i don't know if that happens to be your son..'
The voice choked..
'Dad, please....'  I held my stomach, gosh its still hurts and i don't know if these drugs were really doing their work.
'Hello, is something wrong? Please where do you stay, so i can come speak to him'
'Please don't.'.. That voice sounded like someone crying
'Please don't come, don't call this number again '
'I don't understand, what's wrong. I need to speak to your son about something important, like I really need to see...'
'Don't say it...i said don't call. My son is dead. Max is dead'.. Beep.

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