Monday, 20 May 2019

Yomi Casual surprises his wife with a Mercedes Benz

Yomi Casual has surprised his wife Grace Makun with a lovely Mercedes Benz which made her rush to Instagram to express excitement.

According to his wife, she doesn’t know what she did to deserve the kind gesture from her husband who is brother to AY Comedian.

She wrote:

Somebody hold me My hubby keeps on doing the most ! What have I done to deserve this amazing gift God bless you baby I love love love my new whip Y’all pls say a quick prayer for my sweet husband for me this is too much.

In a recent interview, Yomi Casual spoke about how he met his wife.

We met at a friend ’ s party some years ago . She came with her elder sister and I think then they worked together at Music Africa .
She was the only reserved girl in the party that day and I was surprised as to why a pretty Lagos girl would wear a suit to a birthday party all covered as if she was going to a church service . That was what really caught my attention . I greeted her but she wasn ’ t so receptive .

Grace on her own part said:

I liked the fact that he is a very kind and understanding person . He is also ambitious and focused.

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