Saturday, 23 March 2019

Tboss’ fanpage ‘calls her out’ after Tboss tried to shade CeeC

Last night after CeeC broke the internet by revealing that Alex and Tobi had sex after the BBNaija show, See Gobbe BBNaija housemate, TBoss took to her Instagram story to kinda shade CeeC.

And this drama happened – Tboss’s fanpage seemingly ‘called out’ their boss.

Trouble had started after Alex broke down in tears on the reunion show and Tboss, reacting to the incident, took to her Instagram story to offer support to Alex, who she calls her boo.

Below are the posts Tboss shared on her IG story:

When BBNaija fans reacted to her support for Alex, TBoss fired back:

Here is the post TBoss fanpage made few hours later, slamming any woman that cannot stand CeeC:

As you read this, CeeC is trending worldwide

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