Tuesday, 18 June 2019

June 18, 2019

Forgo the pain

'Why did you do that?'....
'Do what?'
'Ignore him, you know what am talking about'...
 I pretended like i didn't hear what kofo was saying. I just nodded my head to some imaginable tones cause i knew my headphones were playing nothing.
'You need to stop this thing you do, always blocking the rest of the world out'.
She hissed and started walking faster than me.
'Ahhaannnn... Kofo; Stop. Ok, I'm sorry for playing dumb. I didn't just want to talk to him.'
'At least you would've smiled, you just passed like you guys are strangers.'
'You won't understand'. I said.
'I won't understand cause you don't want me to understand.' She looked at me with eyes that begged me to explain my reasons, but i ignored it.

'Fine. Its your life. I need to get some things from the market I'll see you later.'
'Okay.' I sighed as i watched her leave. I turned back heading to my dorm. But if i should ask myself the reason why i did such, I would end up with no answer. I just had to do it, wasn't ready to talk to him after what happened....Yeah; and about that, I'm not ready to go down that lane..
Heading to class the next day i prayed i wasn't going to run into him, but luck i think isn't on my side. Ernest stood in front of my class door like he was waiting for someone or looking for someone...
I quickly turned, my heart beating fast, praying he doesn’t see me. He had this face that could steal your breath away, my stomach churned.
'Oh not now!’
I tried to calm myself but my heart was beating like i just ran trying to overtake Usain Bolt.

I turned halfway, trying to get a glimpse of his face from the tree in front of me. He was still there, trying to look for whoever it was. I had a feeling it wasn't me. So I decided to wait a little bit longer.
'Hey!  Ern. How long have you been waiting?'
That voice, don't think i know that voice, I turned to the direction of the voice, that's when i saw her. Yeah, she is a beauty, she smiled and ran to his arms that were already open.
Something happened! For a minute, i thought i felt pain in my chest. He kissed her, i didn't care where, but he kissed her. Eyes that smiled at me that night, lips that couldn't get enough of me kissed her again.
This time the pain was sharp but I ignored it.

'What are you looking at?'
I jumped back like someone who was caught doing something wrong.
'Nothing.' I turned smiling at Kofo but the smile didn't get to my eyes. She noticed.
'What do you mean nothing,'
 She pushed me away and stared at the direction i was looking at.
'OMG!  Kim don't tell me.... This is not true right.'
'I don't understand, what you're talking about?'
She looked at me dead in the eye.
'Enough of your lies, you didn't tell me you guys are no longer together. That he is going out with someone else. Was that why you ignored him yesterday?'
'Kofo, seriously I don't know what you are talking about, I was waiting for you, so we could go see my supervisor.'
'So you want to tell me you didn't see Ernest?'.  I avoided her eyes. This time i couldn't ignore the pain in my chest
'I think the supervisor has to wait, first I need to go to the clinic.'
I grabbed her hand walking towards the opposite direction, my mind wasn't in whatever she was saying. I was trying to fight the tears that were battling to fall. I bit my lips so hard, I'm sure I tasted blood. I just prayed i wouldn't see the bastard’s face again; not now, not ever.

Friday, 14 June 2019

June 14, 2019

MC Galaxy gifts his friend Ubi Franklin N3m for contributing 100k to his rent Years ago

Singer MC Galaxy has paid forward a good deed music executive, Ubi Franklin, did for him so many years ago. The singer shared on Instagram a written cheque of N3 million in Ubi’s name and explained why he was gifting the music executive such a huge sum of money.

He wrote:

”This life is funny, seven years ago I needed help to pay house the total I needed was 350k. So I asked a lot people for help, and no one could help me, so one of those days I went to Ubi Franklin house that I needed help with rent and he gave me 100k and cloths and I was able to hustle money to add and pay my rent, because at the time 100k then meant a lot to me it was 10 million Naira to me, so every time I had a new song to drop I will go to him and play for him “ I go Calabar” to “Sekem” etc. So I know I cannot pay him back for the favors and values but this is a token of appreciation to say thank you for everything @ubifranklintriplemg

See copy of the cheque below:

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

June 12, 2019

PeacyUnique - DOMINION mp3

The song "I HAVE DOMINION by PeacyUnique " is her second song and as inspired by the Holy Spirit, it is meant to register the consciousness in people that they have been given the authority to rule and reign on the earth and exercise God's given greatness like Christ.


Monday, 10 June 2019

June 10, 2019

Police recover five guns, bullets from UNIBEN students

Three final year students of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) have been arrested and set to appear in court on Wednesday following reports of gunshot that occurred in Nelson Mandela hall of residence at the university’s mini campus, Ekenhuan, two weeks ago.

A student who identified himself as a member of the Man O’ War disclosed that after the raid by the Edo State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), five guns and some bullets were recovered from them after a thorough search of the hostel. He said: “They were arrested on May 30 after complaints were made and were brought back the next day to search their rooms were five guns and bullets were recovered. They are in Abuja now ready to appear in court on Wednesday.”

The student who were identified as Longe Emirix (400-level Fine and Applied Art), Umeh Anslem Oluwase (400-level Fine and Applied Art) and a Theater Art student, name unknown reportedly shot into the air in the hostel on May 29, which led to their arrest by policemen accompanied by UNIBEN security.

Students who were in panic revealed to The Guardian that prior to the incident, some students have been extorting money from them in the hostel.

A resident said: “We were told to pay N1,000 by some students. Although we reported to UNIBEN security, who later pasted a memo in the hostel disapproving any form of extortion, nothing else was done as the extortion continued. The arrested students have been a threat to our stay on campus while carrying out their nefarious activities unchecked, making our focus on academics nearly impossible.”

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

June 05, 2019


'You don't get '
'Then make me understand '
'I don't want to talk about it!'I didn't know when I yelled, but i just wanted him to feel the amount of the pain i was going through, to know how hard it is.
He paused.
'No. Don't say it.. You shouldn't apologize for anything, I'm the one who is wrong here. I think its better we talk some other time. Goodnight. '
'No... Wait.'  Beep. I heard the line go off.
He ended the call, Evvie when will you ever get it right. When will you learn to speak up instead of bottling everything in. I hit my head with the phone. Getting up from the bed i sluggishly walked to my reading table. I picked up my pen and opened my jotter. At the moment my head was blank, I didn't know what to write but I knew i needed to jot this down for someone to see. Since writing is more easier.
Prayed General Samuel Daniels my Dad won't be the first to see this, prayed Max wouldn't be in any danger, as i wrote those last words, words that turned to sentence, to a full page. Someone somewhere was writing this same words because i couldn't talk, i couldn't explain why we had to end it, cause i didn't want to listen, we weren't patient enough. Something blotted my writing, I cleaned my face before another tear could fall .
I closed my jotter, closing my mouth to cover the screams, I jumped on my bed and buried my head in the pillow. Mom mustn't here me scream, the tears were falling so hard.
'Evvie.. '
That's the maid
'Evvie, can i come in. I need to clean the room'
I quickly cleaned my face. Clearing my throat
'Give me a minute.'
'Okay, I'll be back. I heard her footsteps going down the stairs.'
I rushed to the bathroom.
Where the hell did she keep it. There at the back of the door was the white container. I remembered Mom saying it wasn't advisable to stay in a room that has been sprayed with sniper. I closed my eyes and opened it. My hands shaking as the same as the other person. I drank it. Closing the container, i dropped it back where i saw it so they wouldn't notice anything.
Thud. I fell, clutching my stomach.
Gosh!  This is not what i envisioned.
'Ahhhhh!'  I groaned
'Evvie, are you done now? Can i come in? '
I pushed myself up and used my back to close the bathroom door
'Evvie!.. '
This time the groan was loud.
'What was that noise?'
'Evvie, Evvie!.'  Heard her opening my room door.
'Evvie, where are you?'
'Are you in there? Is something wrong?' She knocked on the door. I wished her away, but i groaned instead
The banging started.
'Evvie! Evvie!. Come on,open the door'
I don't know which one hurt more, the banging on the door or these cramps. I heard Mom and Dad rushing up the stairs, as the maid struggled to open the door. Sure they would have heard the banging, nosy maid. She finally succeeded and came in screaming. Mom and Dad came into the bathroom too. My visions became blur. Mom was saying something but I couldn't hear her. Dad carried my already lifeless body screaming for the maid to get his keys.
It's hurt! I know i screamed but nothing came out. I pressed my stomach. No.. This is not what i imagined. My eyes were closing.
Nooo..  I held my throat.. Hot... So hot.
'Open the door! Where is the driver? ' That was Mom
'God.'.. I whispered.
'Evvie.. Evvie!  What did you say'... If I don't close my eyes, i feel this pain won't go away, my head, chest, stomach. Every part of my body was screaming
'Evvie!!'..... That was the last thing I heard.

'Dad, you don't have to do this'  I muttered, from the hospital bed. Prayed Max won't get into trouble. Dad had read the letter and i can't think of what he would do to him. He stared at me like if he had the opportunity to shut me up he would do it.
'Am i speaking to Max family?'
The voice hesitated
'Hello.. '
'Yes.. Who is this? '
'This is General Samuel Daniels and i need to speak with Max i don't know if that happens to be your son..'
The voice choked..
'Dad, please....'  I held my stomach, gosh its still hurts and i don't know if these drugs were really doing their work.
'Hello, is something wrong? Please where do you stay, so i can come speak to him'
'Please don't.'.. That voice sounded like someone crying
'Please don't come, don't call this number again '
'I don't understand, what's wrong. I need to speak to your son about something important, like I really need to see...'
'Don't say it...i said don't call. My son is dead. Max is dead'.. Beep.

Friday, 31 May 2019

May 31, 2019

Actress Sotayo Gaga and troll rain curses on each other

Actress Sotayo Gaga has slammed a troll who attacked her after she dropped a comment on a guy’s picture which shows his newly tattooed body.

Sotayo Gaga wrote:

“Tatoo is neatly done”.

In response, the troll wrote:

#sotayogaga see you we finish skul no get money reach an. You are a big fool for saying that to him… Nahim make una life dey spoil. Check your life, you do any better thing? Na to dey talk put for another person matter una sabi foolish Nigerian bastard you will never make it in life keep doing eye service you hear? I don’t know who the fuck you are but I hate you die for this comment I saw. I was just passing by but had to stop and give you what you want by saying shiii into somebody’s peace of mind. My advice for you bastard is to make money in your life of not you go suffer die and I pray you will never make it in life not until you apologize to kogbagidi. For you to know how serious I am pissed with you, I cannot even stop causing you cos e be like sey your head no correct that’s why your head born idiot, fool bastard she or he got. Your type em boys use to count scores straight to your senseless brain.

Sotayo Gaga replied:

@saint_ moriss you must be insane. Illiteracy is your problem. God will punish you .what’s the offence in saying the tattoo is neat? You must be mad. Thunder fire you.
May 31, 2019

Speed Darlington calls out Olamide for ripping his style

Nigerian Instagram sensation ,Speed Darlington has called out rapper,Olamide for ripping his style .

According to Speed Darlington,he was the first to wear a traditional wear with Timberland boots.

However,when fans pointed out that Olamide was rocking a pair of Louboutins ,he said it doesn’t matter.

May 31, 2019

Female teacher plans own kidnap, collects ransom

The police have arrested a female teacher, Chizoba, for allegedly staging her own kidnap and collecting ransom in Abriba-Ohafia area of Abia State.

The suspect, a mother of three, was arrested alongside two others, Anthony and Ezema, who were alleged accomplices in the fake kidnap saga.

They were alleged to have assisted her in staging the kidnap but were arrested by the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

It was gathered that N500,000 was paid through Chizoba’s bank account as ransom, before the IRT operatives swooped on them.

It was gathered further that one of Chizoba’s relatives alerted IGP Adamu Mohammed, about her abduction and the subsequent demand for N2 million ransom. The informant reported to Adamu that Chizoba’s kidnappers had threatened to kill her within hours if their demands were not met and Adamu swiftly deployed a crack team of operatives from the IRT, headed by DCP Abba Kyari, to track and apprehend the suspects.

It was gathered further that the operatives, who were armed with advanced tracking devices, trailed Chizoba and her supposed kidnappers to an uncompleted building at Agborji community in Abriba-Ohafia area of the state, with the intention of rescuing her and apprehending her kidnappers. But the operatives got the shock of their lives when they arrive the hideout only to discover that Chizoba was having amorous affairs with one of her supposed kidnappers.

The operatives also discovered that her abduction was staged-managed so as to extort money from her relatives. A police source said Chizoba has confessed that she wanted to use the money to elope with her boyfriend to Europe.

However, Chizoba, in an interview denied staging her own kidnap, claiming that she was hypnotised by her boyfriend, Ezema.

“I am a primary school teacher. I was formerly married and I had three children with my former husband. I met Ezema on Facebook and he told me he is a fashion designer and I told him that I have some jobs for him and from that point we started a relationship. At one point in our relationship, we discoursed about traveling out of the country and he told me that he had once spent N300,000 for a travelling visa which did not work out .

Ezema, however, debunked Chizoba’s claims that she was hypnotised and kidnapped, saying: “We are lovers and we planned the fake kidnap together. We wanted to travel outside the country.”

She told me that her relatives would pay. We met on Facebook and we love ourselves. I know that she is ashamed of what really happened. I feel for her, but she should not make me look like a criminal,” he said.

So, on March 13, I was on my way to visit my sister and a vehicle stopped in front of me where I saw six persons, including a lady inside it. The lady among them called me and when I responded, she asked me to enter the vehicle. It was at that time that I lost consciousness and I later found myself in my boyfriend’s home. I later realised that my boyfriend took my phone and used it to call my sister.

He started demanding for ransom and when my sister spoke with me, I had no option than to beg her to pay the ransom. I then sent my account number to my sister and she paid N500,000 into the account. Two days after the money was paid, the police arrested me and my boyfriend,” she stated.
May 31, 2019

Adamawa governor appoints SSG, media aides

Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Fintiri has appointed a former commissioner, Ahmad Bashir, as the Secretary to the State Government (SSG).

He has also appointed a broadcaster, Solomon Kumangar, as the Director of Press; as well as another broadcaster, George Kushir, as the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor, Sett Crowther.

The appointments, the first to be made by the governor after his inauguration on Wednesday, take immediate effect.

Bashir was the Commissioner for Works and Housing during the three months that Fintiri acted as governor in 2014.

Kumangar, is a broadcaster with the Adamawa Television (ATV), where he rose to become the Director of News. Kushir is a Yola-based reporter with the AIT.

Swearing in the SSG yesterday, Fintiri told him that his choice as the SSG was informed by his record of integrity and urged him to continue in that light.

The new SSG said fixing Adamawa would require tough decisions that might be unpopular with some people, but that he was not afraid in hurting some people for the overall good of the state.
May 31, 2019

Plot for Oshiomhole’s removal thickens

The days of Adams Oshiomhole as the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) seem to be numbered as forum of Non-National Working Committee (Non-NWC) has demanded an emergency meeting with the party’s national leadership.

A leaked letter signed by the forum’s Chairman, Nasiru Danu, and Secretary, Omolayo Akintola, dated May 29, 2019, titled: “Demand for an urgent interface with NWC organ of our party-APC” and addressed to the national chairman, read that the meeting is ‘principally to address critical issues affecting our great party before such issues go out of hands which could be inimical to the general welfare of the party.’

The forum argued in the leaked letter that the body would have called for such meeting earlier, “but we considered the concluded 2019 General Elections as a determinant for our party’s survival, which had come and gone with successes and losses.

“This body rose from its emergency meeting shortly after the presidential inauguration ceremony held at the Eagle Square, Abuja, and concluded that the following request be made. We hereby request for a meeting to be fixed from your end as soon as possible in order to meet the urgency it demands.”

The letter, addressed to the national chairman and copied the chairman of the APC governors forum read: “We members of APC Non-NWC (NEC) Forum wish to place it on record through this letter, the critical and fundamental need to demand an urgent meeting between this body and NWC principally to address critical issues affecting our great party before such issues go out at hands, which could be inimical to the general welfare of the party.

“We would have called for this kind of meeting earlier but we considered the concluded 2019 general elections as determinant or our party’s survival which had come and gone with successes and losses.

We hereby request a meeting to be fixed from your end as soon as possible in order to meet with the urgency it demands.”

(The Sun)